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 Added or changed information. Updated death information
v Deceased Members S Staff


Email Address Withheld by Request

We do not publish any snail mail addresses or publish your email addresses if requested. 

NOTE: This list is established from memory and includes staff & management.  know many names are missing 
and I can stand to be corrected on content.
  Please send any additional information you may have.

Email: tommacd@nycap.rr.com

John J. Bailey v    
Karen Carter (Bailey)    
Tracy Barrett v    
Lorie Bennette lovelandrider@yahoo.com  
Joe Benoit benoitjo@zakinc.com  
Brian Bodie (Boston Area)    
Karl Burki (Sidney Area) v (2/24/07)    
Pat Burki (Sidney Area) kburki@stny.rr.com  
Frank Capone     
Raye  "Ernie" Chevalier  U (2/25/10)    
Tony Chiera    
John "Butch" Daigneault (S) No Email - Snail Mail Only  
Paulette Deyette    
Wayne Deyette    
Dom Del Ra v(S)    
Gene Donovan v    
Terry Dunham    
Staff Evans cabssop@nycap.rr.com  
Corky Fabrizio (S) (Rochester Area)    
Brent Farnsworth v (8/31/98)     
John "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick    
Don Gardner dlg@mhcable.com  
Calvin Green    
Jeff Green    
Al Hallenbeck (S)    
Clarence Hayward (S) v (4/25/04)    
Bill Horan    
Bill Hoyt ajkdra@aol.com  
Charlotte Hoyt v (2007)    
Barbie Jordon    
Michael Jordon    
Bill Kopitz (Boston Area)    
Liz Kozak    
Richard Laird lairdbac@yahoo.com  
Bill Larson    
Kevin Larson     
Laugier, Larry  LLAUGIER@prodigy.net  
Chris "Chip" Lyons    
Jackie Mariani (Syracuse Area)    
Joe Mariani (Syracuse Area)    
William McCarthy    
Tom MacDonald  tommacd@nycap.rr.com  
Leslie Meek    
Bill Mello (Boston Area) v (2/6/03)      
Wes Morenzi v    
Donnie Morris (Boston Area)    
Donald Neddo    
Bob Nelson v(S)    
Anthony Paradise     
Les Perry v (7/25/10)    
Kermit Plummer v(S)    
Joe Purcell joekpurcell@verizon.net  
Bill Rettie     
Dick Robilloto (S)    
Marc Russell    
Lowell Scales (Pittsfield Area)    
Eileen Scarchilli    
Joe Scarchilli  sky@nycap.rr.com Homepage
Jerry Shellmaer    
Robert Sullivan    
Janice Smith janmema@aol.com  
David  J. Szymanski (Pittsfield Area)    
Dennis Taliaferro dennisdawn50@aol.com  
Kathy "Rettie" Thomas kthomas@nycap.rr.com  
Marty Thomas mthomas4@nycap.rr.com  
Harold "Wes" Tucker v    
Carolyn Vandenburgh    
Dave Vandenburgh    
Trader Vic    
Larry Wolf lw6281@aol.com  
Joe Wormworth (S) (Utica Area) Joewormworth@hotmail.com  

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1970's Members Section Added July 25, 2002
Date this list was last changed: November 14, 2010



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 Rensselaer, NY  12114


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